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Vacuum Stud Gets Sucked By Two Hot Chicks

I knocked on the first door in a long line of potential customers. After a few moments I heard the noise of latches and the door opened slowly, revealing behind it a beautiful girl smiling at me. I gulped, and tried to regain my composure. “Hi, Can I help you?” she asked. I went in to salesman mode, “Well, the real question is: Can I help you? I’m selling these amazing deluxe vacuums. If you could just spare 2 minutes of your time I could give you a demonstration. They have an assortment of incredible features that will facilitate all your cleaning needs. ” “Really? Well, I wouldn’t normally be interested but why don’t you come in and show me how you can facilitate my needs.” I smiled, gratefully stepped in to her apartment and allowed her to close the door behind me before leading me in to her apartment. I stopped in her living room, “Should I give you the demonstration in here?”.
I glanced over to her couch and saw another girl, equally beautiful, sitting there watching television.
I smiled, “Hi there.” “Hi, are you selling vacuums?” she asked, observing the one I had under my arm. “Yes”, I responded, “I’m about to give your friend a demonstration.” “Oh excellent, our vacuum broke last week and as you can see we haven’t had a chance to buy a new one.” she said, gesturing around a surprisingly clean room. “Well then allow me to show you why you should buy this vacuum”, I began, “As you can see, the suck-o-matic deluxe vacuum has a variety of attachments to ..” “Wait.” the girl who answered the door said, interupting me. “If you’re going to persuade us to buy this vacuum, you’re going to have to do it naked.” “WHAT?! I’m not going to do that!” I stammered. “Oh totally”, the girl on the couch chimed in with her two cents,

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